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November 7, 2023

How to Install a Garage Door System in 10 Easy Steps

Installing a new garage door into your home or commercial space lets you get a new, refreshing, and improved look. You can improve the resale value and upgrade your property elegance to the next level. A new garage door is good and increases not only safety but also your daily convenience. If you are wondering how to install new garage door 

Ancient garage doors are generally made up of two pieces of wood fitted with a solid band and hook hinges. They need frequent repainting. Despite their strength, their life space is limited as their weight causes garage doors to sink with time, leading to damage to the bottom of the door from scraping against the ground. 

If you want to learn more about the garage door installation process, read this blog in detail. 

What equipment do you need to prepare for the Garage door installation process? 

Before commencing your new garage door installation process, you must be fully prepared and power-packed with the right equipment. It is always a good idea to have an assistant on hand to help you out for safety purposes. However, it would be best to tackle this job on the weekends as it hardly takes 3-5 hours to complete. Here are some of the best and most significant tools required in a garage door installation

  1. Safety shoes and glasses. 
  2. Cordless drill and drill bits
  3. An excellent working level 
  4. Properly working socket set
  5. Pair of adjustable locking pliers 
  6. Set of wrenches 
  7. Phillip’s head screwdrivers
  8. Hammer

These are the basic equipment that you should need to install garage doors. If you are looking for the best services, follow the instructions carefully mentioned in the user manual.

All about Garage Door Installation in Johnstown: Step-by-step process 

To install the garage door system in Johnstown with perfection, perform the following steps and enjoy hassle-free installation: 

Step 1. Releasing the tension 

It is the first step that every individual needs to be concerned about because garage door springs are generally under pressure and may cause serious injury if not performed well. To ransom tension from a garage door, you must look for adjustable pliers. 

Step 2. Dislocate the automated garage door opener

Before removing your garage door panels, you will want to dislocate the automated door opener from the electric outlet so it can not be engaged accidentally. Unplug the power socket and drag the red emergency handle down. It is now safe to move on to the following phase.

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Step 3. Detach the old door panels

Remove the old door panels that are relatively straightforward. Then remove the attached hinges & the nut bolts from the track. Now, repeat this step for each panel & eliminate all old panels. 

Step 4. Mount the new garage door panels 

Now, it’s time to install the door panel to the door opening, and it’s usually a perfect idea to use a nail to hold it in place. Always keep all the safety measures in mind for hassle-free installation. Each panel is level before moving on to the next one. Continue this installation process until the garage door is installed. 

Step 5. Connect all hinges & the tracking system for new doors

Mounting Tracks and Securing Hinges The next step is to fasten all hinges by inserting the top and bottom axles and positioning all wheeled axles on the side hinges.

Step 7. Assemble and secure all of the pulleys and the torsion rod.

In this move, you will install the pulleys and the torsion rod carefully. The torsion rod should fit appropriately into the header brackets on each wall. Make sure you can attach the pulleys at either side of the rod. 

Step 8. Connect the cable system. 

The job still needs to be completed. The cable system still has to be connected and secured. First, connect the cable to the pulley wheel and ensure it’s nice and tight with minimal slack. 

Step 9. Tighten all springs 

Before tightening the door springs, use locking pliers on the rod outside the bracket to protect it from spinning while you tighten. Now, you can turn the rod to tighten the spring. If you are not aware of how many times you need to perform this, consult your garage door installation company in Johnstown for better outcomes. 

Bottom Line

Installation of a garage door system by yourself is only for some individuals, but if you can consult with a professional technician, you can get the best results. The above blog investigates a complete procedure of garage door systems. If you want the best installation services, reach Garage Door Repair Johnstown, Colorado